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Zeus' Story

Zeus was adopted into the Calaway family in 1999 as their fi rst large breed canine, which took some getting used to-especially since he already weighed 55 pounds at ten weeks! But for Sara Calaway, this lovable Mastiff was more than just a companion. He was the gentle giant and guardian who kept her safe while her husband, professional wrestler Mark “The Undertaker” Calaway, was away from home. As Zeus matured, he developed a perplexing chronic condition, resulting in a low red blood cell count, and was subsequently referred to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at Texas A&M University for help in determining a cause and treatment for this mysterious disease. Despite having some of the fi nest veterinarians in the world caring for Zeus, coupled with the most advanced diagnostic procedures available through the college’s Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, Zeus Compton Calaway passed away on February 14, 2004. Zeus’ family includes Mark and Sara and their daughter Chasey, as well as canine pals Thor and Tyson, and a 15 pound cat named Churchill whose favorite perch was on top of Zeus’ back. It didn’t matter whether Zeus was asleep or awake, Churchill would climb up and start kneading and playfully biting him. Zeus’ good nature endured Churchill’s affection and he wouldn’t move until his pal jumped down. Zeus was not just a dog. He was my best friend and a beloved member of our family, comments Sara Calaway. Mark and I decided we wanted to do something special and personal to help other large breeds such as Zeus.