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W. R. (Bill) Klemm, D.V.M., Ph.D.


Doctor of Veterianry Medicine, Auburn U., 1958;
Doctor of philosophy, U. Notre Dame, 1963

Professional Activities, as a ...


    Research Areas: include brainstem mechanisms of behavior, alcohol, learning/memory, chemical signals, human cognition and EEG, educational research. 

    Discoveries: (range from model membranes to human cognition)

    1) radiation induces an adrenal stress response,
    2) at a time when scientists thought ruminants did not sleep, proved that they not only sleep but also dream,
    3) ethanol selectively acts on certain neurons,
    4) opiates selectively act on certain neurons,
    5) rhythmic activity in the hippocampus reflects a widespread activating influence of the brainstrem reticular formation that is not necessarily associated with movement.
    6) ethanol displaces hydrogen bonded water on membrane lipid,
    7) freeze behavior ("animal hypnosis") is a brainstem-mediated reflex,
    8) neuronal spike trains contain sequential interval codes in certain clusters of impulses (i.e., they can act like a "byte" processor)

    9) acetaldehyde in body fluids is a biochemical marker for estrus and ovulation,
    10) sex hormones promote memory consolidation,
    11) multiple areas of cerebral cortex become synchronized at various frequencies during memory recall and "eureka" phenomenon.

    Editorial Board Member: eleven scholarly journals. Reviewed manuscripts  for over 55 journals.

    See list of over 425 publications
    , which have been formally cited over 2,000 times according to Citation Index

Professor: Texas A&M University (1966-present)

    • College of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M Univ. (1980-present): taught Introductory Neuroscience. a Drug and Substance Abuse Seminar, Science and Technology Practices and Policies, and graduate neuroscience courses.
    • College of Science (1966-1980): taught animal physiology, animal behavior, introductory biology, graduate neuroscience courses
    • College of  Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University (1963-1966): taught pharmacology and graduate physiology courses.


Speaker: hundreds of presentations to clubs, cruise line, workshops, professional meetings.


    • Colonel, U.S. Air Force Reserves (Ret.) - Research and development planning, Human Systems Division
    • Company President - co-founder of Forum Enterprises, Inc., maker of collaboration software (FORUM)
    • Consultant - clients have included U.S. Air Force, A. H. Robbins Co., Dow Chemical Company, RCA, The Fielding Institute, U.S. Dept. Agriculture, Vinson & Elkins Attorneys, Int. Flavors & Fragrances Co.
    • Project Director for educational outreach grants (NIH, NSF) to middle schools, community colleges, and post-graduate animal-health professionals. Awards in excess of $7.5 million.