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Summer Veterinary Student Research Fellows Program: Documents & Resources

This page is intended to provide resources to TAMU Student Fellows. If there are resources you would like to see added to this page, please let Dr. Smith know about them.

Resources for Posters: link: These web pages and videos will give you some ideas for designing posters and preparing presentations.
Symposium Photos: link (to give you an idea of what happens and what people wear.) {requires Novell login}
Dr. Gastel's Presentation:
May 20, 2010
Introduction to Scientific Literature: Writing Scientific Papers [ PDF ] {requires Novell login}
Dr. Long's Presentation:
Mar 1, 2010
Scientific Method & Developing Proposals [ PDF ] {requires Novell login}
Student Research Proposals: Proposal Template [ Word ] {requires Novell login}
Instructions are included (in red font). Replace the instructions with your proposal. Try to keep the proposal (sections 1 & 2) to about 1 page. If yours is longer, don't obsess about cutting it down to 1 page.
IRS Form for your Stipends: W-9 {requires Novell login}
[ complete (1) Part I Line 1 and (2) Part 3, and return to Roger Smith ]