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SVSRF — Resources for Posters & Presentations

Merial NIH National Veterinary Scholars Symposium @ Georgia:

Posters for Symposium:

Posters for the Georgia Symposium should be no taller than 3ft (36 inches) and no wider than 5ft (60 inches).

CVM & TAMU Logos for your poster:

CVM (stacked)
this is the preferred logo
CVM (map of Texas) TAMU
(not necessary with the first CVM
  • Posters for the Georgia Symposium should be no taller than 3ft (36 inches) and no wider than 5ft (60 inches).
  • CVM & TAMU Logos for your poster:
  • Templates from HSC Communications, Texas A&M Health Science Center:
    • To use these templates (in PowerPoint), download and open them. Then use the "Page SetUp" command in the "File" menu to set the appropriate size.
      • for Windows
      • for Macintosh

Resources for preparing posters and oral presentations:

Note: All of these links will open in a new browser window.

Posters (Design Ideas):

*** Advice on designing scientific posters
Colin Purrington, Dept of Biology, Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania
Note the photos of poster sessions at large meetings.

*** Creating Effective Poster Presentations :: An Effective Poster
G Hess, K Tosney & L Liegel, North Carolina State University
Note: Use the Menu on the left to navigate!

PowerPoint — Creating Posters
Rich Scott, Biomedical Communications Unit,, CVM, Washington State Univ.
A "How-To" guide.

Effective Poster Presentations [PowerPoint file]
Jane Tougas, Dalhousie University

Biology 801: Scientific Literature & Writing
Gary Ritchison, Eastern Kentucky University

Expanded guidelines for Giving a Poster Presentation
L Miller, C Johnson & A Weaver, American Society of Primatologists

Poster Design Tips
Population Research Institute Information Core, Penn State University

Mortal Sins in Poster Presentations or How to Give the Poster No One Remembers
Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology

Oral Presentations: Advice

*** Oral Presentations
Jeff Radel, University of Kansas Medical Center

*** It's The Story, Stupid: Don't Let Presentation Software Keep You From Getting Your Story Across
Doc Searls

Presentation Zen
blog by Garr Reynolds
Other tips from Garr Reynolds:
*** Organization & Preparation Tips
*** Top Ten Slide Tips
*** Top Ten Delivery Tips
What is good PowerPoint design?
Tom Peters on Presentations

The Art of Oral Presentations
C Estrada, S Kraemer, W Wiese, S Patel, & JC Byrd, Dept Medicine, Mich St Univ

Made To Stick: Presentations That Stick
Dan Heath

Oral Presentations: You Tube

*** How NOT To Use Powerpoint By Comedian Don McMillan

Guy Kawasaki 10-20-30 Presentation Rule
The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint (blog/text version)

The The Impotence of Proofreading By Taylor Mali
("mature" language warning)

Death By Power Point by Alexei Kapterev

Extreme Makeover: PowerPoint Edition
long, but good ideas (most of which he violates)