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Summer Veterinary Student Research Fellows Program: Previous Student Fellows

Click on the Student Fellows' names to view an abstract of their research projects.
Note: These abstracts frequently represent research still in progress in faculty mentors' labs. As such, they are not ready to make available to the world-wide web and are password-protected.

TAMU Students: Viewing the Abstracts requires a CVM log-in with your Novell name & password. Some of you may have temporary difficulty viewing these pages from off-campus; if so, please view from campus computers until the issue is resolved.

Students from other Colleges may contact Dr. Smith to view the abstracts.


Kim Bennett
Tim Bolton
Lindsey Brehm
John Brinkerhoff
Jesse Bullock
Anna Campbell
Catherine Cupples
Jennifer Edelman

Sarah Filliben
Jordan Kraft
Christina Ramos
Erin Reynolds
Kelly Robinson
Shana Robson
Stephanie Sheen
Brandon Torrance

2009 Students

Colleen Boyd
Tess Crider
Jordan Gentry
Todd Glover
Jared Hanselman
Meredith Harrell
Melissa Hoernis

Andrew Houser
Susan Land
Meredith Maloney
Christina Moore
Sarah Pike
Erica Thornton

2008 Students

Victoria Baxter
Jason Brinlee
Angela Chang
Maria Esparza
Tyler Foreman
Leslie Hoobler
Amanda Kowalski
Joseph Miga

Audrey Morrissey
Lauren Smith
Bethany Solomon
Kelly Sulik
Amanda Taylor
Kellie Williamson
Devony WIngo

2007 Students

Amy  Boyer
Wendy Browning
Andrew Bugbee
Kathryn Cass
Catherine Clinton
Jennifer Crawford
Georgina Dobek
Veronica Flores
Katherine Fogelberg

Stephanie Hampe
An Hoang
Erin Katribe
Jennie Marvelle
Christine McCoy
Nicole Miller
Patsy Morris
Kristy Reed
JeanMarie Stanley

2006 Students

Allison Bradley
Jenny Bryant
Rebecca Davies
Josie Flowers
Barbie Gadsden
Maureen Hynes
Crystal Keeley

Abby Obermiller
Craig Quinlan
April Reeves
Ryan Reynolds
Jordan Tayce
Virginia Costantino

2005 Students

Elizabeth Ashbaugh
Beth Chaffee
Heather Engleking
James Johnson

Emily Lynch
Jessica Snyder
Melanie Warthan

2004 Students

J.T. Gasson
Tanya Gustafson
Kristen Kastner
Melanie Krause
Cody Laas

Aaron Spiegel
Blair Telg
Cynthia Torrez
Daryl Williams
Jennifer Walls

2003 Students

Melissa Burchfield
Amy Cockerham
Brandon Dominguez

Justin Harper
Angela Spann
Amber Williams

2002 Students

Michelle Browning
Debby Burnett
Carey Matson
Jonathan Rocky
Virginia Snell
Jessica Stern

Dana Tomlinson
Ethel Taylor
Elizabeth Vint
Shawna Walters Jennifer Wells
Jacob Worthington

2001 Students