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Image Analysis Laboratory

Established in 1987 to serve microscopy and imaging needs of the investigators in the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM), the laboratory has expanded to serve the Texas A&M University System. It currently serves as an Advanced Imaging Facility Core for the interdisciplinary NIEHS-supported Center for Translational Environmental Health Research (CTEHR). CTEHR is one of only 21 Centers of Excellence in the country focused on better understanding the effects of the environment on human health. The core supports the goal of the Center to “improve human environmental health by integrating advances in basic, biomedical and engineering research across translational boundaries from the laboratory to the clinic and to the community and back.” The laboratory also provides core support to both the NIH/National Center for Advancing Translation Sciences (NCATS)-funded “TEX-VAL: Texas A&M Tissue Chip Validation Center" and the Center for Organ and Cell Biotechnology, a collaboration between the Texas Heart Institute (THI) and CVM with objectives to develop, test, and commercialize disruptive cell & organ biotechnologies and molecular tools and to build the medicines of tomorrow.