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Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program


Mission Statement

To prepare innovative, globally-competitive biomedical scientists committed to the improvement of the health and welfare of animals, humans, and the environment.

About the Program

Among the graduate degree programs in the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University, the Biomedical Sciences graduate program spans the five academic departments of the College and currently offers the degree options of Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

The Master of Science - Thesis concentration and Doctor of Philosophy degree options provide an academic and research experience that educates students in cross-disciplinary biomedical sciences research areas such as those listed below, preparing individuals to excel in a research career in an academic, government, or private laboratory:

Biomedical Genomics, Genetics, and Bioinformatics
Physiology, Pharmacology, and Cardiovascular Sciences
Infectious Diseases, Biodefense, and Immunology
Neuroscience, Anatomy, and Functional Imaging
Reproductive Biology, Development, and Epigenetics
Toxicology, Environmental Health Science, and Food Safety
Oncology, Cell Biology, Stem Cell Research, and Microscopic Imaging
Epidemiology and Public Health
Science & Technology Journalism
Translational and Applied Clinical Research

(Please visit this link for a description of our signature research areas and list of faculty members for each research area)

Additionally, a Master of Science - Non-Thesis concentration is designed for students preparing to enter a health and life sciences program of study to earn an MD, DDS, DVM, or other professional degree or gain employment as a high school or community college educator or other professional position. Students with undergraduate degrees in biomedical sciences, biology, animal sciences, and numerous other fields of study will find the Master of Science - Non-Thesis concentration to be an excellent opportunity to enhance their knowledge base for success in the future.