Dr. Katie Tolbert

Katie Tolbert

Dr. Katie Tolbert completed her veterinary degree and small animal internship at the University of Georgia. She then completed a small animal internal medicine residency and Ph.D. in Comparative Biomedical Sciences at North Carolina State University.  Before coming to Texas A&M University as a Clinical Associate Professor, was on faculty at the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine and consulted for the TAMU Gastrointestinal Laboratory. Her clinical research program is focused on small animal gastroenterology with a specific interest in the investigation of the efficacy of gastroprotectants and the rationale for their use in the treatment of acid-related disorders, organ failure, neoplasia, and inflammatory diseases in companion animals. Her basic science research program is dedicated to characterizing the pathogenic mechanisms and exploring novel therapies for GI infections with a particular emphasis on feline Tritrichomonas foetus infection.  A list of her peer-reviewed publications and grants can be viewed at: orcid.org/0000-0001-8725-9530:

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