Dr. Arnaud Van Wettere

Dr. Arnaud Van Wetter

Arnaud Van Wettere earned his Doctor in Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Liege in Belgium (1999). After one year in small animal practice, he moved to the University of Minnesota to complete a residency in avian medicine and a Master of Science degree (2003). He then worked as assistant professor of avian medicine at the Institute for Avian Diseases, Ludwig-Maximillians University in Munich, Germany. In 2005, he moved to North Carolina to complete a residency in anatomic pathology and a PhD in Comparative Biomedical Sciences at the College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University. He completed his American College of Veterinary Pathology certifying exam in anatomic pathology in 2008 and his Ph.D. in 2012. His research focused on the comparative pathogenesis of hepatic fibrosis in the medaka fish. Dr. Van Wettere was on faculty briefly at North Carolina State University before joining Utah State University in 2013. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Veterinary Pathology at the USU School of Veterinary Medicine and works as a veterinary diagnostic pathologist at the Utah Veterinary Diagnostic laboratory. He also provides pathology support to USU researchers and teaches the systemic pathology course to second year veterinary students. Arnaud has an interest in hepatic pathology as well as avian and wildlife pathology.

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