Cardiac Troponin

Reference intervals-Canine

0-0.059 ng/mL -Result is within the reference interval

0.06-0.12 ng/mL- Result is within the upper limit of the reference interval. This can be normal in aging dogs, however if clinical signs are present, additional diagnostic workup is recommended

0.121-2 ng/mL- Increased troponin I value. If clinical signs of heart disease are present, additional diagnostic work-up is recommended

≥ 2.001 ng/mL Significantly increased troponin I value suggests important heart disease is present and further work-up is recommended.

Notice:  Patients who are being supplemented with biotin may exhibit a slightly higher ultra-sensitive troponin result (≤10%); however, the ability of the assay to detect serial increases or decreases of ultra-sensitive troponin is maintained.

Cardiac Troponin I (high sensitivity assay using Advia Centaur CP® Ultra-TnI  with a lower detection limit of 0.006ng/mL) - minimum sample 500µl fasting, non-hemolyzed serum.

Samples should be frozen prior to shipment and shipped with dry ice or sufficient ice packs to remain frozen during shipment.

Turnaround time -1-2 business days after receipt of sample