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VWR-Promega Freezer Program
at the DNA Technologies Core Laboratory

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VWR International and Promega proudly announce the 9th Annual Tube-A-Thon

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Restriction Enzymes for Molecular Biology, Promega*


For more information please contact:

Dicki Murrell, VWR Sales Representative
Phone: 800-932-5000

Rebecca Tarleton, Promega Sales Representative
Phone: 800-356-9526 (x1620)


How to use the VWR-Promega Freezer Program:

  1. Bring a purchase order number to the DNA Technologies Core Laboratory (Veterinary Research Building (1197), room 226).
  2. Fill out the form on the front of the freezer and remove desired product(s).
  3. For special requests, please contact Dicki Murrell or Rebecca Tarleton.