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Sequence-Based Microorganism Identification Services at the DNA Technologies Core Laboratory

* * Brand New Service * *

Sequence-based identification using the
MicroSeq Microbial Identification System (Applied Biosystems)

Please Note: We can only accept bacterial and fungal DNA at this time.

Turnaround Time: Samples received by 10 a.m. will have results reported by noon the next day. Samples received after 10 a.m. will be reported out by noon the day after next.

This project was supported by Texas A&M AgriLife, the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology in the College of Veterinary Medicine, and the Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory.


  • 16S 500-bp Fragment Sequencing - $50.00
    • Primary method of identification
    • In most cases, 500-bp sequencing is sufficient to identify to species-level
    • Results within 24-hours of sample receipt
  • 16S Full Gene Sequencing - $100.00
    • Used to further resolve identity if 500-bp sequence yields ambiguous results
    • Can also be requested upfront (500-bp sequencing is not required to be performed first)
  • Fungal Sequencing - $50.00
    • Sequences D2 region of the large-subunit (LSU) rRNA gene
    • Results within 24-hours of sample receipt
  • PrepMan Ultra Sample Preparation Reagent (1 mL aliquot) - $15.00
    • Sufficient to extract DNA from 10 samples
    • Can be used on bacteria or fungi



  • Check DNA quantity
    • NanoDrop ND-1000 Spectrophotometer
  • Amplify target region of gene
    • 16S universal primers or D2 LSU universal primers
  • Sequence PCR products
    • BigDye Terminator v1.1 chemistry
  • Analyze data using MicroSeq ID software and GenBank
    • Comparison against validated MicroSeq library and published GenBank submissions
  • Produce report containing results of data analysis