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Invitrogen Supply Center
at the DNA Technologies Core Laboratory

The DNA Technologies Core Laboratory is now an Invitrogen Supply Center!

Free Shipping!

DNA Technologies Core Laboratory customers receive an additional discount on all Invitrogen catalog items!

For more information please contact Animesh Nandi


How to use the Invitrogen SupplyCenter:

  1. Log on to the Invitrogen SupplyCenter, or create new user account
  2. Check the current inventory for your product, or special order an item (FREE SHIPPING!)
  3. At the checkout, enter your purchase order (PO) number.
  4. Print the order confirmation page.
  5. For special orders, an email will be automatically sent to the address on your SupplyCenter account when the shipment is received.
  6. Bring your order confirmation page to the DNA Technologies Core Laboratory (Building 1197, VMR room 226) to pick up your item(s). Products will not be given to customers without a copy of the order confirmation page.