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Feline forum 2019

July 27-28, 2019

Credit Hours: Up to 16 hrs CE Credit

FF 2019 pictureWe are very excited to have Dr. Leah Cohn from University of Missouri as our featured speaker for the 2019 Feline Forum. Dr. Cohn will speak on the highly-fatal protozoal disease, feline cytauxzoonosis, as well as feline respiratory disease and other topics. Other speakers, such as Dr. Audrey Cook, Dr. John August, Dr. Deb Zoran, will address parasitology, gastroenterology, nutrition, imaging and more. Enjoy and learn from all of our excellent presenters. This year we are offering two optional imaging workshop sessions with Dr. Lindsey Gilmour and Dr. Jessica Vallone. Building upon lectures during the general sessions, the limited-enrollment case-based workshops you show you how to optimize your selection and interpretation of radiographic and ultrasonographic imaging of the feline thorax and abdomen. Come join us for this and more on July 27-28, 2019.




Imaging Workshops

Workshop I

Imaging diagnosis of respiratory disease in cats: a case based discussion – Dr Gilmour

In this small group session, you will practice interpretation of thoracic radiographs in cases of feline respiratory disease. We will discuss radiographic patterns of disease and consider the benefits and limitations of thoracic computed tomography in case workup.

Workshop II

Imaging Findings in the Vomiting Cat -- Dr Jessica Vallone

This is a case-based laboratory where we will review multiple imaging modalities, including radiographs, ultrasound, and computed tomography, in the workup of vomiting cats.  We will discuss the uses and limitations of the various imaging types, and review key imaging findings in the clinical cases.


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