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Phoenix – Rising from the ashes
By Kim Hensarling

At 5 weeks of age Phoenix was taken by two teenage boys and doused with rubbing alcohol and set on fire. While she was on fire they proceeded to kick her in the air and spray her with “Off” to make the flames bigger. Luckily, two teenage girls caught them doing this and rescued Phoenix and called the police. A Department of Public Safety Trooper, Trooper Phillips, brought Phoenix to TAMU. Upon arrival she was singed all over, with most of the bad burns in her abdominal area. The following day, her story aired on the local T.V. station. My heart broke when I saw her sweet face. That morning I contacted the clinician that was taking care of her and told her that I wanted to adopt Phoenix.

During her stay at the hospital her burns continued to damage the tissue in her abdomen. Finally, it was decided that she would need surgery as the burns had gone full thickness in her abdomen and her left hind leg. Dr. Hogansen, a plastic surgeon from Scott & White, offered his services and performed the surgery on Phoenix. At the age of 6-7 weeks Phoenix had surgery to remove the burned tissue on her abdomen and leg. The surgery was a success and her wounds healed. She will have a lifetime of problems from the burns to her abdomen and leg that will require medication. However, as of today Phoenix is doing great and is very, very, very spoiled.



A Heartfelt Gift
Bungee's Success Story

Bungee, a lovable Bichon Frise puppy with a long, healthy life ahead of him, is fortunate that the Capper and Chris Fund was able to help.

Saved from certain death when members of a rescue group located an adoptive family, Bungee was soon diagnosed with a live-threatening heart murmur. Despite the lack of funding, rescuers turned to specialists at the college of Veterinary Medicine's Small Animal Hospital at Texas A&M University for help.

Bungee's heart was repaired and, true to his name, he quickly bounced back from the procedure and now enjoys a normal, active life with his new family.

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