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Cabol, a domestic long haired cat, was presented on emergency service due to a urethral obstruction which was resolved medically with a urethral catheter placement and diuresis. Three weeks later Cabol developed urethral obstruction again. Cabol underwent perineal urethrostomy to resolve the problem and reduce the likelihood of future urethral blockage. Capper and Chris Save the Animal Fund help the owners financially by contributing.


Bentley, a Dachshund, who was attacked by two Alaskan Malamutes, was presented to our VMTH Neurology Service, with severe wounds to his chest and a fractured back. Bentley’s problems were very treatable but the owners had limited funds. With the help of Capper and Chris’s contribution, the fracture was stabilized and Bentley was able to walk again just a few days after surgery.


Tigger, a longhaired Dachshund was presented to TAMU after having been attacked by a larger dog the night before he came. Tigger sustained bite wounds to his chest that penetrated into the chest cavity resulting in a severe infection throughout his body. Tigger required aggressive care in the ICU ward to attempt to control infection, shock, and hypoxia. Capper and Chris Save the Animal Fund helped the owners, a young couple starting a family, by contributing. Despite financial help from the fund and rigorous treatment, Tigger did not survive.


Bitzy, a Dachshund, was presented to the VMTH unable to walk in the hind legs. Diagnostics revealed a herniated disk in her lumbar back as well as a bladder infection. Bitzy underwent surgery to correct the herniated disk and is recovering well, thanks to Capper and Chris Save the Animal Fund’s contribution.


Chester is a Vizsla rescue dog adopted by his owner and presented to the Neurology Service with severe pain due to instability of the lumbasacral as a result of a traumatic incident. The fracture was stabilized and Chester is doing quite well. Between the owner’s financial obligation and Capper’s contribution, it was all made possible.


Woody is a nine-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever who was presented for hemoloytic anemia. He was treated and doing well on medications for the condition but received a large wound on his leg that was difficult to treat due to the medications needed for the anemia. Several skin grafts and bandage changes were needed. The owners were very nice and dedicated, wanting to help Woody but had already spent over a thousand dollars. The Fund matched the client’s contribution allowing them to continue with another surgery.


Ma is a sweet six-year-old cat who had an injury to her knee. The joint could be repaired and have a good prognosis. Ma also had some heart issues as well that were sub clinical, but would require a work up through cardiology prior to anesthesia. Capper and Chris Funds were needed to help the owner’s with the cost of Ma’s vet bill.


Brownie is an eight-year-old miniature Dachshund that was hit by a car. Her referring veterinarian suspected a slipped disc but on presentation to VMTH the orthopedics group found a broken pelvis and shoulder blade. Later they found a tear in her urethra and urine was leaking into her abdomen. The owner was due to go into surgery herself, so money was getting tight and due to these family matters, and Brownie’s estimate running in a range of $2,500.00, Capper & Chris Funds were requested. Brownie’s prognosis to recover completely from her injuries was made possible with Capper & Chris’s contribution.


Hurley is a one-year-old Great Dane who is owned by a young couple. Hurley came in over spring break with a GDV that had emergency surgery and did very well. The owners spent approximately $2,100.00 for that surgery. After surgery, he developed a flaccid urinary bladder as a result of the fluid therapy and over distention of his bladder and had to be hospitalized again for another week. For the owners, being young college students, money was tight. With Capper & Chris’s contribution to help with finances Hurley is doing very well now at home.


J.J. is a five-month-old mixed breed dog that was hit by a car. He had a very fixable injury pulmonary contusion, a femoral fracture and would need Oxygen in ICU for his pulmonary contusions. His owners put down a $500.00 deposit towards their $2,000.00 bill but did not have much more money left. Thanks to Capper & Chris’s contribution the owners were able to set up a payment plan and J.J. got the treatment and surgery he needed.


Lolly Pop, a seven-year-old Cocker Spaniel, belongs to a retired couple on a fixed income. One owner is a disabled war veteran and the other has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Lolly Pop, who is very special to her owners, was admitted for diarrhea and weight loss over a months time period. She was diagnosed with idiopathic intestinal lymphangietasia resulting in protein losing enteropathy. In other words, she couldn’t digest her food. The Fund paid to help with diagnostics.


Troy, a four-year-old Labrador, was admitted for vomiting, weight loss and could barely stand. The owners are a family with three young children who have spent $1,000.00 at their veterinarians but wanted to get a second opinion at TAMU VMTH as a last ditch effort. The father recently had a hip replacement for himself. The owner’s plan was to euthanize Troy if there was no hope. An ultrasound done here revealed an intestinal obstruction. With help from the Capper & Chris Fund, the owners agreed to do surgery. The surgeons found a sock and had to remove three feet of intestines. Troy is now living a completely normal life.


Lacy, owned by a school teacher that didn’t know what she got herself into when she acquired a Miniature Schnauzer with a heart murmur and financial restraints. With the Capper & Chris Funding, Lacy was able to have PDR surgery done by our cardiologist.


Madison is a four-month-old mixed breed who was admitted for poor growth and neurologic signs. An extra hepatic porto systemic shunt was diagnosed by rectal scintigraphy and surgery was scheduled. Surgery went well and Madison recovered nicely. His owner was unable to afford the entire cost of diagnostics and surgery but thanks to the Capper and Chris Save the Animal Fund’s contribution, Madison got the surgery he needed.


Lucky’s owners are both struggling master students with three children under five years of age. Lucky came in with acute respiratory distress due to severe neurogenic pulmonary edema. The only chance for her survival was to be on oxygen in our Intensive Care Unit until recovery. The Capper & Chris Fund’s contribution made it possible for the family to keep Lucky alive until she could oxygenate on her own.


Tawney, a Shetland Sheep Dog belonging to a single mother working two full time jobs was the beneficiary to help treat Pancreatitis. Tawney recuperated very well and was sent home.


Tonka’s owners could afford up to $2,500.00 to treat their five-year-old mastiff for Pancytopenia, which is severe loss of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Charges went beyond their limit and had it not been for the Capper Chris Fund the owners would have had to put Tonka to sleep.


Astro, is an eleven year-old Shetland Sheep Dog belonging to a very loving owner willing to spend up to $4,000.00 to help Astro get better. Astro had problems of Cholangiohepatitis and a Biliary Obstruction. His progress was slow and required a longer stay in ICU. Thanks to Capper Chris Fund Astro recovered and was sent home.


King, a German Shepherd diagnosed with Pyelonephritis and Lumbosacral Stenosis, belonging to a disabled war veteran unable to work and his working wife. The Capper & Chris Fund supported, half of King’s charges.


Sami, a Cocker Spaniel belongs to a disabled veteran restricted to bed and a wheel chair and his wife. Sami is his constant companion at home. Sami developed heart problems and needed a pacemaker. Again, with the help of Capper Chris Fund donating towards Sami’s surgery, Sami is still a loving companion.


Little Boy, is a Yorkshire Terrier who came to the hospital with ruptured disc disease. His owner is in a wheel chair and on oxygen. Little Boy has been her constant companion for eleven years. Capper Chris Fund contributed to Little Boy’s bill.


Tyson, a German Shepard puppy, belongs to a young married couple (the husband is in the service). They found out Tyson had heart problems and would require surgery. Due to their financial constraints they could only afford up to $600.00. With the help of Capper & Chris Fund’s donation, the owners approved the surgery.