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2019 Food Animal

May 31-June 1, 2019

Credit Hours: up to 15 hrs

FA 2019

The 2019 Food Animal Conference will touch upon many contemporary topics in food animal medicine. Important animal welfare issues like lameness, pain management and anesthesia, responsible use of antibiotics, nontraditional species, and veterinary education will be addressed. We will be introducing two of our newest faculty members, Dr. Dusty Nagy, TAMU College Station and Dr. Paul Morley, WTAMU, Canyon. In addition, we have two outstanding guest speakers, Dr. Scott Bugai who is deeply involved in the Whitetail deer industry in Texas, and Dr. Julie Dechant, an expert in camelids from California. Our dean, Dr. Eleanor Green, will be our dinner speaker, and Dr. Bud Dinges will present a Lunch and Learn sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim. Don't miss out on this exceptional program on May 31-June 1, 2019. Early bird registration ends May 12.


  • The conference will be held in Bldg 508, Rm 101 - Old Large Animal Hospital
  • Dinner Friday included
  • Breakfast and Lunch Saturday included


Lameness Wetlab: Sharpen up your footcare skills with Dr Kevin Washburn and Mr CW Haynes as they guide you through the examination and treatment of cattle with naturlly occuring foot problems such as  overgrowth, white line disease, sole ulcer, undermined heel/sole, wall cracks, chronic laminitis and sole abscessation. The lab will be offered twice on Saturday afternoon.

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for Sponsoring Saturday's Lunch and Learn!


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